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48% of women feel confident about their finances but only 28% feel empowered to take action.

WomenInvested is an exciting event dedicated to empowering women in the world of finance and investment.

At WomenInvested, we know that women are making a significant economic impact in their communities but what about their personal finances? This event brings together leading experts, successful entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals who are passionate about supporting women in their financial journey.

During the event, our esteemed speakers will share their experiences, strategies, and tips on how you can take control of your money. Education is the key to empowerment. Connect with fellow attendees, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships that can help you advance your financial goals.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to take charge of your financial future!



Founder & President, WomenInvested

President & COO, The Broughton Investment Group

My responsibility as Chief Operating Officer and President of The Broughton Investment Group is to help our clients manage their finances with proper financial planning, grow their wealth, and make sound investments with guidance from myself and our team of advisors and analysts.  Creating ways for them to achieve their life goals. 

I'm very fortunate and grateful for this opportunity, especially as one of the very few in my position in this industry, a woman leading an investment firm when as a whole, women currently make up around 27% of all financial advisors in the US.  That fact alone propelled me to learn more about women and their social and economic impact. What I learned proved that I have a greater obligation to educate and empower women to take control of their finances. With the establishment of WOMENINVESTED, I am working to do just that because every woman deserves the right to financial success and a secure future.

I want to be clear what WOMENINVESTED is not about. This is not an attempt to bash the men in our lives or create a divide between us and our male counterparts. Instead, I am challenging women to take control of their finances.


Founder, Haus of Skin

Board Member, WomenInvested

Shannon Martinez is a licensed aesthetic-injection specialist and found of Houston-based Haus of Skin Aesthetics, a boutique aesthetic spa created to give people an authentic experience skin to soul journey. The goal was to give a everyone a new way of thinking about and embracing your skin care and wellness. Every one of their services offers that experience.

In addition, Shannon is a pivotal member of WomenInvested and brings her own personal journey that includes embracing the desire to seek and own your personal beauty standard. Even through Shannon's search to find beauty and experiencing a extremely traumatic botched plastic surgery and nearly losing her life and career and ending her marriage, she pushed through the trauma and pursued beauty wellness for more then herself.


"At the time I wasn't able to really get out of bed. I didn't feel like myself anymore and there were moments I was sure I would never get out of those feelings. The only thing I could do was focus on other people in educating and helping them seek beauty in a healthy manner. Eventually I found myself again. Through WomenInvested I know I can help even more people achieve what is their beauty standard."

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