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MAY 25TH, 2023


Written By: Summer Taufer

“Nothin worse than tattooed titties"

“Nice rack, but I can do without the tats.”

“What a tacky ad... People aren't impressed with breast implants”

“You look really professional with a woman showing off her "attributes" and a tattoo. What exactly are you selling?”

“Showing off a bit much isn't she?”

These were just some, 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙖𝙡𝙡, of the comments made on an ad that ran on SM for a free financial wellness and education event our company was hosting. The ad featured a professional group photo of our team in business attire.

Nearly all of them were made by men in their forties and beyond. Is this a snapshot of humanity?

These adult men (I use both terms loosely) made crude remarks about a woman they’ve never met and knew nothing about. Based on their profiles, some of these men are husbands, fathers, and even grandfathers.  All of them would not be here today if not for a woman.

The activity of blatant objectification adding undertones of a demeaning nature with the sheer purpose of belittling and tearing someone down is abuse.

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I'm a strong person. I have the duck-like quality of letting things roll off my back with ease, but these comments hurt more than I anticipated. They trickled in all night long, and I read every single one, but this hurt more:

...the thought that my daughters will most definitely receive the same type of abuse in their lifetime.

...the thought of women in my industry getting this kind of treatment from their peers because of their bodies or what they put on their bodies.

...the thought of women purposefully not taking executive or management positions because of the anticipation of treatment like this that they would most definitely have to endure if they did.

...the thought of all the talented and intelligent women who have been overlooked for promotions or positions because of the objectification of their bodies.


The thought of girls and women that continue to dim their lights to avoid physical and verbal assault. These same women have to hide their full truths to accommodate those who would persecute them otherwise.


When does this end? At what point do women get to feel not only equal but equally safe on this planet?

Men, I implore you; show this to your wife, sister, mother, or daughter and ask - have they ever endured this type of behavior or any abuse? I guarantee you that every woman in your life has a story, and because of the common nature of this behavior and the sad acceptance of it, the abuse often gets disregarded, put away, or swept under the rug. Women are left to manage those pieces by themselves and are expected to keep them at bay from the other parts of their lives so as not to taint them.

So, again, when does the bullshit end?

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